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None of the links below are to video shot by me (or in fact by anyone I know).  They were shot by folks who, like me, came to the island found something moving and different, and sought to share it with others.  A few of the movies are truly artful - capturing pieces of the natural beauty, available serenity, amazing water,  and unique culture of the island.   
By Land
  • St Croix 1967:         Beautiful / sensitive editing (by grand daughter of the film's narrator) of 8mm film shot in 1967.  Captures a snippet of expat island life.  Amazing to see how little has changed.

  • St Croix - Island overview.  Produced by the folks at,  this 9 minute video faithfully highlights island attractions and nicely conveys the island culture.  Great video - I find the music to be overwhelming after a while, but thats what volume controls are for... 

  • Vacation 2007:  If the girl that shot this video is not an art student she should be. 

  • Send I de Love, Mada Nile:   Native Cruzan artist.  Music video - artfully shot.    

  • Annual Agricultural Fair:  Held on presidents day each year.  Not really a tourist event but a great slice of island life.  

  • Beer Pigs:  Ok - So as crazy as this seems the Mt. Pellier Domino Club (home of the beer drinking pigs) is actually worth the trip to the rainforest.  
At Sea