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Web Links

  • The Joy of St Croix:  Published in Conde Nast Traveler Dec. 2009 - A fairly in depth article on the island.

  • St Croix - Bohemian Rhapsody:  Published in Caribbean Travel + Life Oct. 2009.  Again a pretty in depth article highlighting the low pressure style, and relatively un-commercial flavor of the island.   

  • Island Mode:  Published in Delta Sky Magazine November 2009.  Profile of St Croix, St. John and St. Thomas for those who wish to island hop. 

Web Resources
  •  A terrific resource for vacation planning.  As far as I can tell - most comprehensive travel site for the island. - and yes we do have our home listed for rent on the site (still - my assessment is unbiased). 

  • Pink House - Google Maps:Detailed Island Map (with about 200 Points of Interest)This map includes close to 200 points of interest on the island.  If you stay at PinkHouseStCroix we will load all these points onto your GPS so that you can have turn by turn directions while driving on the left side of the road.